Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Adolescents and Young Adults
Growing Up

Working with adolescents and young adults poses a particular type of work. From dealing with temptations and experimentation with drugs and alcohol to developmental milestones, these young people struggle with issues that can prevent them from becoming autonomous and independent from their parents.

Unless otherwise clinically necessary, I will use more coaching techniques than psychotherapy when helping these young people who are struggling with identity crises, bullying, boundary setting and other challenges specific to this population, including “failure to launch” issues indicative of some young adults who can’t seem to find their footing in a complicated world.

Young people find my style of communication easy going, engaging and active. I can help your child or adolescent navigate the sometimes tumultuous obstacles that plague their generation. With so much emphasis on texting and emailing, kids sometimes miss important social cues and have trouble becoming team players due to a lack of necessary relational skills. These intelligent, insightful and creative kids can lose sight that healthy relationships consist of intimate, eye-to eye contact and healthy, clear communication techniques. I can help them learn to state their needs clearly, set firm boundaries and become autonomous, flexible social beings that don’t require drugs, alcohol or excessive internet and computer interactions in order to have engaging and healthy personal and professional relationships. Growing up is hard enough – let’s help them make the transition just a bit smoother!

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