Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Career and Life Coaching
Coaching vs. Psychotherapy

Coaching is a different process than psychotherapy. Psychotherapy works with conscious and unconscious motivations and fears as well as the defense mechanisms that prohibit one from achieving psychological health due to complex historical relational or personal problems.

When working with my coaching clients either in person. on the phone, or on skype), I continue the practice of supporting the client, but with specific professional or personal goals as the client’s main objective. This includes written assignments and commitments to be followed through during the week.

Coaching lends itself to techniques in more of a question and answer format, (the Socratic method), with the coach challenging and encouraging the client to take risks in order to achieve their predetermined goals. Every week a goal is set and a predetermined series of steps (letters, phone calls, etc.) is commited to in order to achieve that weeks goal. The client is accountable to the coach/therapist every week and shows that accountability by fulfilling the specific goals. Set-backs are dealt with in a non-judgemental way and if it is indicated that there are other more serious difficulties in achieving one’s goals, psychotherapy will be incorporated into the coaching.

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