Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Couples Counseling, Pre-Marital Therapy and Relationship Coaching

Are you planning on getting married or have been married for a long time and are experiencing some challenges? Or do you desire to re-enter the dating scene and have no idea how to navigate everything from re-entering the dating arena to how to find a serious relationship? You may find my relationship counseling and coaching skills helpful whether you’re looking to meet someone new or are looking for relevant tools that will re-new your existing marriage or long-term partnership.

Navigating intimacy isn’t always easy even under the best of circumstances, and if it is fraught with mistrust, lack of communication or emotional and verbal abuse, the relationship becomes a wild rollercoaster ride where people get hurt. We bring all of our historical relationships – with its baggage, projections, fantasies and old ideas into our present relationships thus, ultimately finding that nothing is changing for the better, and the past keeps re-creating itself and unhappiness reigns! I will help you uncover old attachment patterns, re-evaluate your fantasies vs. reality and teach you how to negotiate present conflict, so that the hurts of the past can be processed and set aside, for a new type of relationship that is mature, intimate and can thrive in the face of any adversity.

My couples therapy skills are slightly different than conventional couples therapy. I teach specific, simple yet sophisticated communication skills for men and women who are interested in training their brains to go from emotional, irrational behaviors to rational thinking and positive action in order for a couple to get what they need in their relationships without having to mind read, lose tempers, trigger old hurts or provoke resentments and conflict.

Love is a verb! My active negotiating techniques will help you state your needs clearly and rationally to send you on the road to a more healthy, loving and intimate relationship. These techniques work in family therapy as well as for couples.

As for those who seek pre-marital counseling, I will help you both negotiate the various aspects of your relationship before the wedding so when it comes time to walk down the aisle, there will be no surprises once the honeymoon is over!

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