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Psychodynamic and Mindfulness Psychotherapy
Making Friends With Your Mind

Mindfulness is about becoming present to the contents of our minds in the here and now. The past is important, but it is what we do with it in the present that fosters change. Being mindful of our thoughts and behaviors is an important vehicle to help move that change along. A Mindfulness meditation is an excellent way to begin your journey. It is a skill you can practice no matter what your spiritual or religious background. I can help you learn this life altering tool.

While I have been trained in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral techniques as well as psychoanalytic theory, I believe that insight is important but it is not enough to commence lasting, behavioral change. Good therapy promotes insight, but it also helps patients tolerate their feelings the discomfort of change takes root. It is also my belief that we bring the past with its defense mechanisms, unconscious motivations and family of origin communication and relational styles, into all of our present relationships, whether intimate, professional or social. Through a blend of psychodynamic, mindfulness relational therapy, cognitive techniques, and mindfulness meditation instruction, we will take a good look at what has been holding you back from living your life on your terms – and begin to take action together.

I will walk with you as you learn to navigate through difficult situations that may have been plaguing your current relationships and thinking processes. I utilize empathic attunement, compassion, interpretation into past and present behaviors and traumas, as well as gentle but firm cognitive challenges to commence internal transformation that will be the impetus for external growth. That growth will be seen in the ability to make better life choices while tolerating once difficult feelings and emotional triggers.

We must learn to make friends with our minds — thinking clearly about situations and relationships without harsh judgments, fear, or negative attachments may sound like a lofty goal, but with practice, it will become a daily realization that the negative states our minds fall into, are temporary and will soon pass. You will come to see that the only thing we can really count on is change.

Remember: Your disciplines will serve you. Your patience will protect you and your creativity will sustain you – through all of your life’s challenges.

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